Station: [17] Sink

Once the vegetables had been prepared and the game dressed, it was time to dispose of the dirty water!

That was what this sink was for. Buckets of waste water were dragged across the tiled floor and unceremoniously dumped into the sink. The dirty water ran along the open drain, through a hole in the wall (which is no longer visible), and ended up streaming down the castle wall outside.

A vaulted passage had to be cut through the wall for the purpose. It demonstrates how thick the defensive walls from the earliest days of the castle were. And the size of the sink, which extended beyond the modern Perspex panel and into the room, gives you an idea of how many people had to be catered for.

In the window recess, you’ll find a little fishing game that provides information about the dishes that were prepared here in medieval times. Why not take a break and increase your knowledge of food in the Middle Ages.

All depictions: © Stadt- und Fachwerkmuseum Eppingen