Who can register?

At the moment, only museum employees who are authorized to maintain data for their museum are allowed to register.

Are there any costs for museums to participate in museum.de?

There are no costs for museums. All data, news, events, albums and audio guides are free of charge.
Optionally, you can take advantage of further offers for your museum on our website and in the magazine.

What is the connection between the website and the museum.de app?

You enter your master data, news, dates and picture galleries via the protected area of museum.de. The contents are published both on the public pages of the website and via the app.

How much training and prior knowledge is required for data maintenance?

The system is designed to be clear and user-friendly. You do not need any special knowledge for data maintenance. If you have a text and a picture of an exhibition at your disposal, you will need approx. 2 minutes including your login to create a new appointment at museum.de.
Which is the first step to participate as a museum in the free offer?

1. register as a member at http://www.museum.de/register
2. you will then receive an e-mail with a link for confirmation.
3. now you can log in under http://www.museum.de/login
4. on the right side click on "Application for the administration of a museum".
5. use the search field there to check whether your museum is already entered in the system in order to avoid a duplicate record for your house.
6. choose "Museum is listed" or "Museum is not listed" for a new entry.
Finally, you will receive an e-mail asking you to send us a printed matter (business card, etc.) that identifies you as an authorised museum employee. An e-mail from museum.de will then inform you that you can enter the information about the museum via the user access created.