What is an audio guide?

An audio guide or multimedia guide is a device or app/web app that plays sound and image content. They are designed as an add-on to the exhibition. There are separate devices to borrow or free and -required app on the end devices of the visitors, or as WebApp. Museums offer their museum guides to interested visitors via museum.de. With a smartphone, our audioguide tours of the museum can be easily used. Some audio guides offer an overview map or list the stations in a recommended order. All stations marked with a QR code can be accessed directly via smartphone.

What is a QR code?

A QR code (Quick reading code) is a standardised representation of a link or text content. These are read with a scanner or an app on a smartphone and then displayed. Some manufacturers of premium smartphones already have the QR code scanner built into the photo app. Take a photo and the system recognises whether a link is stored. Then you can open it in the standard browser. Our WebApp also offers an integrated scanner, but it only processes links from museum.de. This prevents you from being redirected to other sites.

How can I use an audio guide?

There are various ways to use a tour with a multimedia guide.

What does an audio guide cost?

Audioguides at museum.de are free of charge for museum visitors.

Where can I find free audio guides?

At https://www.museum.de/audioguides