Station: [2] Carmen (1901-1991) and Carl Albert (1898-1960)

Carmen Albert, born 1901 – died 1991

Carl Albert, born 1898 – died 1960


Diary 1924 to 1927

Hanover, late October 1924

Little Brigitte’s chubby paws deserve special attention. They are two delightful little beings in their own right, and one could watch their antics without ever growing tired of them. One moment, they’re fluttering through the air, hesitantly and timidly groping, feeling some object, and then they enthusiastically grab something, especially if the object seems familiar (Papa’s head, Mummy’s nose, the little rattle and the rubber teether…). Often they’re clenched into tiny fists, making the cute dimples on the back of the hands quite disappear, and during the day, the thumb, a comforter in every situation, drifts into the little pink mouth.

Following her parents’ example, Carmen Albert, née Darré, also keeps a diary. She starts writing it in 1914, when she’s still at school. She remembers the wonderful times in Buenos Aires and writes stories and poems. Subsequently, she describes her time at school, a brief period as a student at the academy and her life until she gets married in 1923 to Carl Albert, a manager.

Carmen and Carl Albert’s parental diaries record the births and early years of their children Brigitte and Ditmar, running from 1924 to 1927. These are detailed descriptions of their lives, which include notes about both children’s physical and intellectual development. The entries are supplemented and illustrated by photographs and little drawings.

All depictions: © Gerhard Seitz, Das Deutsche Tagebucharchiv e.V.