Station: [4] Stables

Farmer Caspar Heinrich: A sturdy horse, he said. Bah! Hard working and dependable – my foot! Light-feed, he told me. I think, the horse dealer has taken me for a ride. It`s been four weeks since Lukas the horse has been in my stable and there’s always something wrong with him. If he continues like this I`ll have to get the vet. Yet another big expense!
The horse actually looked healthy at the dealer’s. The hooves were good, teeth too and the gaskin was wonderful – beautiful, long, muscular hind legs. Just what one looks for in a horse. So, I naturally thought he could pull a good bit of load.
A horse is not something one buys every day. This sick horse can ruin me if I run out of luck. And Lukas is the main beast of burden, he pulls my tipcart, the plough, the harrow, the hay cart – everything actually. I`m stuck without the horse.
If you had a cough, you stupid animal, I would have known what to do. I would have given you a mix of barley grist, human excrement and morning urine. You would have felt better in minutes! Hmm ... Perhaps mum can try working a spell on you.
Old farmer’s wife Katharina:
Heartworm and fear worm and bowel cramps
I forbid you by the judgement of God
That you may perish never to revive
Until a second son of Blessed Virgin Mary arrive.


Foto: Bielefelder BauernhausMuseum