Station: [2] The Kaiserring Award-Winners


The Kaiserring, bestowed by the city of Goslar, is one of the world's most renowned art prizes. The first award was made in 1975 to the British artist Henry Moore. Every year since then, a contemporary artist has been awarded the Kaiserring here in Goslar for outstanding work.

Today, the wall of prize winners reads like a Who's Who of contemporary art. Big names such as Joseph Beuys, Cindy Sherman, Gerhard Richter or John Baldessari come thick and fast. This "Wall of Fame" is eloquent proof of this special art award’s extraordinary success story.

The appeal of the Kaiserring has nothing to do with money, or a major exhibition at an internationally famous museum. The award’s success is mainly based on the hard work of a prestigious international jury and on the great dedication shown by the city of Goslar and its residents.

It all began in the 1970s, with the Goslar entrepreneur and art lover Peter Schenning. His vision: to create an art prize that would bridge the enormous historical gap between the medieval world heritage city of Goslar and the best of today’s contemporary art.

The Mönchehaus Museum is the venue that hosts the exhibition which complements the award. The building itself is one of Goslar’s most magnificent half-timbered structures. Built in 1528, it was once home to wealthy farmers.

This audio guide will introduce some of the artworks in the sculpture garden and elsewhere in Goslar.

© Fotos:

1. Dietmar Langner, Goslar

2. Mönchehaus Museum 

3. Mönchehaus Museum

4. Volker Schadach, Goslar