Station: [2] Welcome to the construction site

“It’s loud. Not surprising, since bricklayers, masons and carpenters are working away at Schloss Horst. Or rather working on this construction site – the castle doesn’t yet exist. It’s 1565 and together we will travel back to that time, more than 400 years in the past. Welcome to a huge construction site!

Why is a castle even being built here? Quite simply, because an enormous fire destroyed the medieval castle that stood in its place. The lord and lady of the castle, Rutger von der Horst and Anna von Palandt, need a new home. And that should be befitting of their rank. It will be much nicer, more elegant and comfortable than the castles built in the middle ages. Rutger has a flair for the grand – and of course his neighbours are meant to admire him.

One look at the construction site is enough to see how much work a new castle is. Do you know which craftsmen are involved in building it? Whose job is especially dangerous? And who earns the most money? Come along, we’ll find out...”