Station: [10] Dotzheim Panorama

F: For almost half a century, from 1902 until the 1950s, this iron spire towered over the roofs of Dotzheim. It witnessed the continuous expansion of the village, World War One, Dotzheim’s incorporation into Wiesbaden and World War Two.

Although Dotzheim only suffered minor damage in the wars, most of the historic building stock has vanished. Many of the buildings razed during the urban redevelopment of the 1960s and ‘70s can be seen here on the wall. Half-timbered houses and simple farmsteads dominated the village streets. The panorama on this wall will give you an idea of what the place used to look like.

Next, we’re going back to the very earliest events on the site of present-day Dotzheim: to ancient Rome. You’ll find our next stop here on the landing, next to the bust of a Roman emperor.