Station: [3] From Allweier Farm to Lake Constance Museum of Fruit

Karl Allweier's great-grandson, Michael Baader, sold the farm to the municipality of Frickingen in 1991 and moved to a farm on the edge of the village, which is more suitable for growing fruit. But he’s still involved with Allweier Farm and the Museum of Fruit on a voluntary basis.

Ever since then, the farm’s threshing floor has served as a venue for cultural events, since it’s conveniently located next door to the town hall. On balmy summer evenings, many an outdoor party finishes up in the town hall square beneath the magnificent chestnut tree.

But the main purpose of the farmhouse is to provide information about fruit growing here on Lake Constance. The former cowshed with its feeding troughs, and the hayloft above are at the centre of the exhibition.

In the former cowshed, original tools and historical images illustrate the history of fruit growing, its development and its significance. You’ll also find a multimedia station in the hayloft above, though the information is only available in German. Let's go up there right now!

All depictions: © Gemeinde Fricklingen