Station: [20] Shop

F: Our shop is your final stop! In here, you can buy everything you could possibly need to build your own crib. Perhaps you’re already an experienced crib-builder? We have figurines in all sizes as well as accessories, electronics – in other words, everything the heart of a devoted crib builder could possibly desire.

M: But perhaps you’ve never thought of making your own crib, and now you’ve explored our museum, you’re thinking: why not try it? As you know, there are no limits to your imagination. Please feel free to ask. We’ll be delighted to advise you.

F: Of course, you’re also welcome to attend one of our crib building courses: either on your own, or with your family. Our programme even includes special crib-making courses for children. You can even take classes to improve your skills in specific areas. For instance, you might learn to carve, to paint backgrounds, or laminate figurines. Believe us when we tell you: crib-building is fascinating – and it’s something anyone and everyone can learn.

M: If you like, you can also become a member of our association. In that context, let us introduce you to another wonderful tradition. It originated in Austria, where they have a kind of schnapps called Gloriawasser. At Christmas time, anyone who has built a crib puts it on display in their home. Crib enthusiasts make the rounds to admire all the cribs. Together, they sing "Gloria in Excelsis Deo "* – and then raise a glass of Gloriawasser schnapps. As you can imagine ... by the time you’ve finished inspecting the tenth crib, things get pretty jolly.

M: We hope you’ve enjoyed your tour of our House of Crèches, and we’d like to say goodbye with a rousing Gloria ...

F: Get home safely …

M: … and do come and see us again! We’d be delighted.

Fotos: © Krippenmuseum und © Trüpschuch