Station: [22] Printed circuit boards from Riesa


Welcome to VEB Robotron-Elektronik!

We’re at the manufacturing facility in Pausitzer Strasse, and I’m delighted to be able to tell you briefly about the plant. My name is Elke, and my fellow workers and I work three shifts here on the line. Before our large, modern factory building was completed, we assembled circuit boards in the ballroom of a former restaurant in Pausitz. Following a set pattern, my fellow workers and I solder the various electronic components – in other words, transistors, capacitors and resistors – on to the board. Some of our products are for export, others are used our own national factories.

Circuit boards, sometimes just called boards, are cutting-edge electronic parts needed for a wide range of different machines. In Riesa, we make mainly MMS-16 and K1520 boards for office computers and industrial control systems.

In 1978, our plant was incorporated into the state owned collective combine Robotron – the largest computer manufacturer in the GDR, and one of the leading information technology producers in COMECON. Our plant in Riesa has been in existence since 1969. Pipe Mill Number three of the VEB Steel Works and Rolling Mill had started operating just a few years earlier. Workers came to Riesa from all republic’s various regions. Originally, the Robotron was supposed to be built in Dresden, but by moving it to this location in Riesa, urgently needed jobs could be created for the wives of the workforce at the pipe mill. Naturally, we have an in-house nursery and kindergarten. During the holidays, the older children can travel to the factory holiday camp near Waldheim for two weeks. And afterwards, the whole family can take a break at our plant’s holiday retreat in Nordhausen, or at one of our bungalows in Ferch on Lake Schwieloch. As to the cultural side, we have our lovely club house in Pausitz. Yes, right where we used to assemble the circuit boards. That’s now been completely modernised, and there’s something going on almost every week. They have a youth club, and rooms for hobby groups. You can even take part in sports with Robotron. Our works sports association has a football section and one for bowling.

Right, I’ve talked for long enough. Now, I need to get back to my workplace.