Station: [15] Taking a stroll

Feel free to stroll through the exhibits and review past history.

The first exhibit – on your left – is a mobile kitchen of the type used in Prague, for the refugees from East Germany. 

Next along is a power generator from the 1970s, previously used by the German Red Cross in the North Rhine region. It’s enormous – these days, they’re much smaller. 

The eight-wheel orange ARGO emergency vehicle was operated by mountain rescue. It was in use in the Eifel skiing area from 1992. 

And the type case there! Do you remember Christoph Müller? We met him earlier on our tour – he was one of the contemporary witnesses in the chapter on volunteer involvement. He collected model cars, specifically rescue vehicles. Have you counted them? There are over 400 in total. 

Here on the wall, you can see some historic telephones – and a number of defibrillators. The first of these is from 1980, the others date from the year 2000 or are more recent.

The ambulance was on the road in the late 1980s. The T3 was one of the most common Red Cross vehicles. 

Especially eye-catching is the motorcycle – a courier bike from Bavaria, on which emergency responders were able to reach accident sites on the autobahn in record time.

And with that, you’ve completed your tour of the Humanitarium and come to the end of “The Humanitarian Adventure”. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. Perhaps you’ve even thought about becoming involved? Because a strong and vital Red Cross can use all the support it can get –including yours!

Foto 1: © Rotkreuz Museum
Foto 2: © Dagmar Trüpschuch
Foto 3, 4: © Rotkreuz Museum