Station: [4] Seven Principles

Seven fundamental principles represent the values of the Red Cross throughout the world. They are:





Voluntary service



All members of the movement act on the basis of these principles. They were agreed in 1965 at the 20th International Conference of the Red Cross in Vienna. 

We’d like to give you an opportunity to listen verbatim to the description of our three most important principles – humanity, impartiality and neutrality. They are the ones that most reflect our values.  

Feel free to pick up one of the receivers. The basic principles will be read out to you – though unfortunately only in German. The SEL brand field telephones you see here are from the 1960s and are made of black Bakelite. The receiver can be stored in the box, which also holds connectors and other accessories. Loosely speaking, you might even call portable field telephones the first mobiles in history. 

Have you noticed the stretcher on the wall to your right? It makes you wonder what stories it would be able to tell. Stories of suffering, pain, despair… 

... but also stories about First Aid and rescuers who carried the wounded to a field hospital or indeed a brick-and-mortar hospital.

We’ll continue on the first floor – that’s the second floor for our US visitors. 


Foto 1: © Rotkreuz Museum
Foto 2: © Dagmar Trüpschuch