Station: [37] Rosemarie Trockel, L'Arc de Triomphe (Der armselige Baum / Die Zuwenignis), 2006

With her pictures, drawings and small sculptures, as well as with large sculptures and objects, installations and video works, which Rosemarie Trockel puts together in exhibitions to form comprehensive conceptions the artist, who today lives in Cologne, is pursuing strategies that cross the frontiers between mediums. Conflicting elements, such as (living) trees and a (dead) metal nose, Trockel integrates spatially and as a matter of content into a disturbing ensemble. The erotic connotations, allusions to the plight of the modern artist, the ironic, whimsical combination of sculpture and garden art - L'Arc de Triomphe goes far beyond levelling the threshold between nature and art.

Rosemarie Trockel

L'Arc de Triomphe (Der armselige Baum/ Die Zuwenignis), 2006

2 hanging Atlas-cedars (Cedrus atlantica Glauca pendula), aluminium

Permanent loan Michael and Eleonore Stoffel Foundation

© Stiftung Skulpturenpark Köln, 2015, Photo: Axel Schneider, Frankurt am Main