Station: [45] Heimo Zobernig, Spartakus Catering, 1999/2001

Heimo Zobernig (b.1958 in Mauthen) belongs to a generation of artists who submit the meaningfulness of System Art to sceptical scrutiny on the formal, narrative and reception levels. His works are created in conjunction with and are dependent from their site. From a dedicated avoidance of content, a web of meaning that is both self-referential and open, with numerous cross-references, arises. The Austrian artist dissects and analyses phenomena with almost scientific precision, and presents their component parts, not without humour, in new constellations, e.g. at documenta 9 and 10 and at the Venice Biennale in 2001.

Heimom Zobernig

Spartakus Catering, 1998/2001

Aluminium, concrete

Courtesy Galerie Christian Nagel, Köln/Berlin

© Stiftung Skulpturenpark Köln, 2015, Photo: Axel Schneider, Frankfurt am Main