Station: [11] Garden

Granddaughter Marie: I think ours is the best garden far and wide. Look how beautifully everything blooms and it is so fragrant. Hmmm …
Old farmer’s wife Katharina: Yes, we have plants of all kinds here.
We even have roses and daffodils, further down in the garden there are herbs growing, runner beans and parsnips and of course cabbage and potatoes. Hmm...and the scent of lilacs too.
Granddaughter Marie: What is this flower? I have never seen it before.
Old farmer’s wife Katharina: Let me see. Oh...that is chicory. Nothing special.
Granddaughter Marie: Well, I find it pretty!
Old farmer’s wife Katharina: If that`s the case, let me tell you a story. There was once a knight and his noble castle damsel. One day the knight had to leave to join the crusades to the Holy Land. The damsel waited at the city gates for his return – in vain, the knight did not come home. The damsel, however, waited and waited until the heavens took pity on her and turned her into a flower, a chicory flower.
Granddaughter Marie: Oh but that’s a sad story. Hey! Why are you pulling it out?
Old farmer’s wife Katharina: The roots can be roasted. It makes a great coffee. Or something like that. Come on, I will show you how it is made and then let’s drink a cuppa. You will even get to taste it!

Foto: Bielefelder BauernhausMuseum