Station: [14] Postmill

Farmer Caspar Heinrich: Hey, Hinnerk! Are you up there?
Miller Peper: Yeah. What can I do for you, Caspar?
Farmer Caspar Heinrich: What do I want? I want my rye ground. It’s baking day at our place the day after tomorrow and I need flour for that. So what’s the situation? Is the mill running? I mean, why are your blades standing still?
Miller Peper (showing off): Oh, Möllering, don’t your worry. My grind stones were sharpened just this morning. And you know, with my mill I don’t have to wait for the winds to come from the right direction. Only when the precious piece is really turned properly in the direction of the wind, does the brake get released and the post mill does its job. You can help me; tackle the tail pole with me.
Farmer Caspar Heinrich: What? How come me?
Miller Peper: Well, because you are standing below. Or else I will have to climb down the steps just for that. Hold the crank on the long piece of wood there on the side and turn it five to ten times vigorously. Then we will have the mill housing facing the wind.
Done. That should work. The wind is now blowing from the front, directly on the blades and as you can see, Caspar, they are set in motion.
The great cog wheel is set in motion and that in turn puts the grinding stone into operation. But tell me how much grain have you brought?
Farmer Caspar Heinrich: So, it`s about a hundredweight. And I need it back, right away.
Miller Peper: Yeah, yeah always the same with you farmers. You’ll are always in a hurry, always need it immediately. But you are in luck; there is not too much happening today. You can have your flour right away and take it back with you. But don’t you know, a part of it belongs to me. Even the miller needs to be paid. Okay then: good luck!

Foto: Bielefelder BauernhausMuseum