Station: [16] Bakehouse

Mmhh... There’s nothing nicer than a toasty warm oven giving off a delicious aroma of bread and cake, don't you agree? Here, in the bakehouse, it happens all the time!

But – if Linda, or Anna Kliemt, or Charlotte, the maid, were able to see this place now – I tell you – they’d be stunned! Because where the bakehouse is now, there used to be fruit trees. And the women used to bake their bread in the big oven in the hallway.

The bakehouse was only put up a few years ago. Feel free to go inside, it’s allowed! There’s a stone oven, which was built in the traditional way and uses firewood as fuel. You can see the big logs under the kneading troughs.

It takes several days to bring a huge oven like this one up to the right temperature. But once the oven is hot, and the dough has been set to rise, the pans for Bundt cakes or loaves and even the waffle iron are filled. Then they’re shoved into the oven and baked – to make all kinds of delicious treats. 

Maybe you’d like to come to one of the museum open days and sample the homemade rolls and the tarte flambée (which is how they do pizza in Alsace). You can even watch the Friends of the Museum take the goodies out of the oven in front of your very eyes! A real treat, and not only for people with a sweet tooth!

All depictions: © Schlesisch-Oberlausitzer Museumsverbund gGmbH