Station: [17] Former Retirement Apartment

Ten, eleven, twelve... fifteen, sixteen... did you see that? This house is a real 3D puzzle, and one with numbers at that. The dark beams and braces are all numbered with Roman numerals... And let me tell you: that’s a good thing too! This house – don't tell the Kliemts – was never here. It was moved here. Relocated. Reminds me of the temple at Abu Simbel, only they didn't have to cut it up. The house used to stand on a farm in Schönau-Berzdorf, where it had been since 1814. It was derelict and couldn't stay there. So they moved it here, to my farm. And luckily, because it’s a half-timbered house, it was easy to dismantle the timbers, transport them here, construct a new stone base and simply rebuild the half-timbered house on top. And since the timbers were actually numbered, nothing could possibly go wrong.

Inside the house, it’s still all about numbers. Go on in, there's a village school on the upper floor. Where I’ll thank you to sit still, stop fidgeting and pay attention. And no messing! Meow!

Hurry now, hurry, hurry! That was the school bell!

All depictions: © Schlesisch-Oberlausitzer Museumsverbund gGmbH