Station: [2] Cart Shed

This space, believe you me, is an all-you-can-eat buffet for us cats. Equipment and yet more equipment, all stored here in the cart shed (or coach house, of you want to be posh) in what we might call a random arrangement. Also: sheaves of grain, produce and of course: hordes and hordes of mice!

I can still remember when Adolf Kliemt picked this site on the right of the livestock barn and built this shed for his carts ... That was... give me a minute ... in the year of our Lord 1899....


My word, what have we here? A new tomcat? Where did you come from? You just took up residence, eh? Aye, cats are like that. Well, main thing is, you catch plenty of mice, otherwise they'll eat our grain.


That’s the spirit! Now, if you could only talk, you could tell me what you think of my idea. Have a look:

These drawings were prepared for me by a site manager. Section, front elevation, floor plan and site plan. This is the new coach house that’s to be built here, next to the barn. So we can finally store all our equipment: harvest wagon, hay wagon, sledges for winter, hay tedders (to turn the hay you know), and even our wheelbarrow, which locals here call a “roaber”.


Scuse me? Did you say something, Mister Mog?

Hell’s bells. I could swear he understands me, the way he looks at me. Anyway... 

... The new coach house will make our farm just a little more appealing. And protect our equipment from the wind and weather. So it’s an easy decision: I'll have them build the coach house, and put a panel up on the lintel in memory of the builder, which would be me: "A(dolf) K(liemt), 1899"

Yes, that's how it was, back in 1899. Roaber! Unbelievable! I very nearly gave myself away there. But when I heard that word, oh – I couldn't help myself. Meow!

By the way, Papa Kliemt's "Roaber" is here on the left, just behind the two hand carts. It's actually just a normal hay cart ... with a long, flat surface and a section that curves upwards above the wheel. You can haul all kinds of stuff with it, here on the farm and out in the fields. But...if you ask me ...I think a roaber looks pretty much like a comfy deck chair, what do you think? I'm going to suggest this is a perfect moment for me to curl up for a bit...on the...roahhh…ber...and take a quick nap....

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