Station: [30] Auditorium

M: The last stop on your tour is in what was once the assembly hall of the old secondary school. Unfortunately, the old vaulted ceiling was stripped out as a result of the extensive remodelling work. What you see here is a reconstruction, though the dark brown wooden beams are original.

F: In here, you’ll have another chance to meet all the prominent figures you encountered in the museum – the composer Engelbert Humperdinck, the painter Carl Wimar, and Archbishop Anno the Second. But you’ll also come across others who’ve shaped the city’s history.

Their portraits watch over the Stadtmuseum’s auditorium, which we’re proud to call the most beautiful concert hall in all of Siegburg.

M: It has excellent acoustics and hosts concerts and readings, and even dramatic performances.

If you leave your address at the ticket office, we’ll be happy to let you know about future events here at the museum.

F: It’s time to say goodbye – or rather "Auf Wiedersehen". Perhaps you’d like to attend one of our concerts – or even come to one of our contemporary exhibitions? We’d be delighted if you come and visit us again some time.

M: We hope you enjoyed your tour. If you’re in the mood for some refreshment, the museum café awaits your visit...

F: ... and so does our museum shop. Its range includes the famous local herb-flavoured liqueur, called Abtei-Likör; a selection of Siegburg ceramics, both traditional and modern designs, and also publications issued by the museum.


Foto: © Dagmar Trüpschuch