Station: [1] Magie & Amulette

Room 1

The desire of humans to intervene in the course of the world with the help of magical practices and to control their personal destinies according to their own wishes and ideas, is a phenomenon that transcends culture and time. Love magic and evocation of fertility, protection during pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium, banishment of illness and avoidance of injuries: Situations from the everyday life, which should be handled with the help of certain objects and texts.

Amulets have been and continue to be understood and used beyond any religion. But they can - for example in Christianity - certainly connect with signs of ecclesiastical religiosity and thereby receive a very substantial, albeit often perceived as ambivalent increase in value. Basically, amulets can be natural things or artificially created structures and, as powerful protection symbols for humans and animals, house and yard, are to be clearly distinguished from the talismans as mere lucky charms.