Station: [2] Hexen heute

Room 2

Are there still witches today? Yes, certainly! Do they correspond to the created image from the Middle Ages and are they in league with the devil? No!
The women and men who are referred to today as modern witches are people who care about nature, the animals, the elements and themselves. There are coven, free groups that gather and celebrate the four moon and the four sun festivals of the pagan yearwheel. This custom has been preserved in many popular festivals today. Equinoxes, midsummer and Walpurgisnight but also Halloween End of October. But there are also a lot of individual witches who have chosen this attitude to life for themselves. Some believe in the power of the moon and work with it, for example when planting or harvesting herbs. The sun as a pendant to the night brings the fire and the light.
Some work with ancient goddesses and gods from different cultures and others believe in a sexless, universal power that stands above us creatures of the earth.