Station: [12] Seamless Shirt

That was a really enjoyable sleep! I say – what are you doing here? I was quite out of it for a moment there. Why, pray, are you staring like that? Do you mind? Yes, all I'm wearing is this shirt. Disgraceful! You’re practically undressing me with that look.

I understand. After all, you don't see something like me every day. All right. Good day! Allow me to introduce myself: I’m the Seamless Shirt.

Yes, you heard right, no seam and no tricks, and one hundred per cent woven from Steinhude linen. A masterpiece, one of a kind -- well, almost, anyway. There may be a few other examples, but that makes no odds now. I was definitely woven all in one piece, without any seams whatsoever, as I mentioned. They had to reconfigure a loom specially for the purpose. Yes indeed.  

Not much is known about the master weaver who made me, but I do know his name, at least. He was called Johann Henrich Bühmann, a handloom weaver from Steinhude in his day, and related to the family living in this house. 

Old Johann made me to showcase his skill at handloom weaving. That was about 300 years ago. He was only 18 years old at the time. Later, he was even awarded a master's certificate. 

As to how he made me? I can't remember much detail, it’s too long ago. But I still recall that he started with the collar, and then slowly worked his way down, turned me on the loom, and finished off with the sleeves. 

And now I'm feeling quite worn out, I think I need a nap ...

Photo: © Fischer- und Webermuseum