Station: [15] Toy Museum

Meow! It looks nice and cosy, in here. About time for me to finally take my nap. What a day! 

Stop that! Hey, you there! Will you stop it!

What, me?

Yes, you. You’re not allowed in here.

Not allowed? What nonsense. Who are you, to tell me what I can and can’t do? 

My name is Hudenstein, and I’m the museum mascot. And this is our toy museum. To be allowed in here, you'd have to be a stuffed toy, but I’d say you look a bit too lively for that. 

Stuffed toy? I’m no such thing! What! are they conspiring to stuff me now? And what kind of nonsense is this, a toy museum indeed. Who in the world needs toys?

What kind of question is that? Children, of course. 

Children? They go to school. And after that, they're supposed to help their parents. Do some spinning, mend the fishing nets, there's always something. 

What drivel! The 19th century called and wants its opinions back. Children need to have a childhood. And play is important. Even in ancient times, people played. Even grownups. I've seen it myself, over in our play corner.

All right, Mr. Tom, for once, I’ll allow you to come inside and have a look around. You'll see, the doll's houses are fully furnished and perfect in every detail. They help to prepare the young girls for their duties as mothers and housewives. And the young boys, they have engineering toys and little steam engines, so they’re also learning in preparation for their later lives. But if you ask me, that kind of thinking is outdated. Though it's not much better nowadays. That's why I simply adore our tree with all the stuffed animals made by Steiff. Because all children love cuddly toys. 

Meow! Cuddling. Yes, I love that, too. And maybe I'll finally find a comfy little bed here, so I can take my nap. Yawn, time for me to say goodbye. Make sure you have fun with the dollies and... everything... else.

Photo: © Fischer- und Webermuseum