Station: [1] Welcome: Town Hall, Albert-Sammt-Str. 1

F: Hello, and welcome to Niederstetten! Before you set off to explore magical locations, little alleyways, a grand palace and poignant memorials, we’d like to give you a brief introduction to our town.

M: Niederstetten is a small town with around 4,800 residents. It’s located in the wine-growing region of Hohenlohe, in the Franconian north of Baden-Württemberg. We’re nowhere near any large urban centres or major traffic routes, and nor is Niederstetten a tourist hotspot. That often leads outsiders to think the town is insignificant, or worse, uninteresting. Even locals often think they live in a town that’s in no way distinctive.

F: Nothing could be further from the truth! The first recorded mention of Niederstetten was in a document from 780. Its importance is reflected in the grant of a town charter around 560 years later, in 1340.

M: Niederstetten has always kept pace with the times and was closely involved in events and developments in Germany. In 1848, for example, the year of the German Revolution, several towns staged uprisings. In our region, Niederstetten was the only town that rose up against the authorities.

F: Niederstetten has also been home to several major figures – among them the composer Friedrich Witt, the writer Gottlob Haag and the well-known airship commander Captain Albert Sammt. And last but not least, our town pastor, Hermann Umfrid. Just a few weeks after the Nazis seized power, he took a stand from the pulpit against injustice and violence.

M: These people were loved, misunderstood, scorned – and you’ll encounter them all on our tour. Now, have a great time as you explore our town. You have a choice: you can either follow the route of our audio guide, or simply take a stroll. The QR codes on the buildings will be your keys to the exciting stories within. And your first one is right here on the town hall.

Fotos: © Trüpschuch