Station: [20] Café; Ground Floor

Arabian mocha mills, travel grinders, lap grinders – so much variety in such a tiny space! We’ve used the showcases in our café to assemble a cross-section of all the coffee-mills you’ve seen on your tour.

Have you noticed the large pans at the top left of the display case? Those are coffee roasters for home use. If you’re wondering how they worked, you’ll have to take a look at our museum shop to find out. We have an old wood-fired kitchen stove in there. That type of stove was still being used for cooking until the mid-20th century. The rings on the stovetop can be removed individually from the inside out. That creates an opening of the right size for the base of the pot. The roaster would have been slotted into that opening to roast the beans. … Perhaps you’ve already noticed the slight aroma of coffee?

That would be the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee we serve in our café, where you might like to indulge in a cup or two. Because sadly, we’ve come to the end of our tour. We hope you’ve enjoyed your time with us. If the weather’s nice, you might like to go outside into the garden, where—who knows? – the plants may be in bloom. 

Out there, you’ll discover one final coffee-mill. The sculptor Karlheinz Zöhner from Mühlacker carved it for us – from stone! But take a look for yourself. 

There’s also the option of taking home a packet of Wiernsheim coffee. It’s our own very special blend, roasted for us by the Pforzheim Röstmanufaktur, and you can buy it from our museum shop. 

And now, it’s time for us to wish you a safe journey home. Do come and visit us again some time! We even offer individual guided tours – which will introduce you to a whole new selection of coffee grinders – we promise! Because –our greatest favourites are only ever revealed to our closest friends!


All depictions: © Kaffeemühlenmuseum Wiernsheim