Station: [14] The Frickingen Apple Loop Trail

Thank you for listening – we hope we’ve given you some insight into an old and important form of husbandry – fruit growing. Perhaps you’ll remember the odd fact from our tour next time you bite into an apple.

If you’d like to find out more, or simply enjoy the beautiful landscape where our fruit trees grow, perhaps you’d like to set off on the Frickingen Apple Loop Trail. There are several options, so depending on your preference, the loop can be five and a half, six and a half or even 12 kilometres long – equivalent to just over three, four and a half, or seven and a half miles long. The trail is marked with an apple emblem on a yellow background. It will take you past the Tinkerers’ Workshop Museum Altheim as well as the Tannery Museum at the Tanbark Mill in Leustetten. Like the Lake Constance Museum of Fruit, both these museums provide audio guides.

Frickingen is an officially approved resort town that offers visitors a wide-ranging programme of activities. Additional information and brochures are available at the town hall. Do enjoy the rest of your day and ...

... be sure to visit us again soon.

All depictions: © Gemeinde Fricklingen