Station: [15] Goodbye

Thank you for your interest in an essential trade, showcased here at the Bark Mill Museum to preserve its memory and give you an idea of how it operated. We’ve enjoyed telling you about our village and about the workers who practised the craft – as well as about individual aspects of tanning as a trade. If you’d like to find out more, you’ll find a beautiful book about the Bark Mill Museum as well as leaflets and other information at Frickingen town hall.

But the municipality of Frickingen is home to more than just the Tannery Museum! You may also like to visit the Lake Constance Fruit Museum on Rathausplatz, or the Tinkerer's Workshop in Altheim. You’ll be warmly welcomed at both. So you could either stroll around the orchards on the Apple Loop Trail, or marvel at the many different mechanical machines. There’s still plenty to see and experience!

It’s a journey of discovery – and we hope you enjoy it.

All depictions: © Gemeinde Fricklingen