Station: [17] D – Lidded Container in the Style of Historicism

  • Glasmuseum Wertheim


Antonio Salviati created this container with lid, which is oriental in style in both the shape and the gilding. It represents the renewal of Venetian glass art after the 18th-century decline. Antonio Salviati founded die Società Salviati e Companie in Venice in 1866, and like Paolo Venini during the 1920s, his focus was on both the perfection of the craft and its artistic appeal. By copying old models he helped Venetian glass art to achieve new world fame in the mid-19th century, but forewent any decorative embellishments, which still define our view of Venice today.


The other containers in this showcase, there are over 20 of them, stand as an example of the variety of techniques, shapes, colours and styles glass art produced as a result of the enormous technological achievements in the field in around 1900. The containers are white, blue, green, black, or gold and they were pressed, blown, cut, engraved, or painted. They are round, square, shaped like fish, dogs, or birds, a vine, or a crown.