Station: [25] G – Spessart Glass: Maggi Bottle

  • Glasmuseum Wertheim


This is 125 years old and still ‚in fashion,’ – the Maggi bottle with its unmistakable shape and legendary design: a square body, long neck, brown glass, yellow label with red writing and brick-red top that replaced the gold top in 1946. It holds a spicy liquid sauce with a wheat base and can be found in restaurants, as well as In, believe it or not, every sixth German household.


The founder of the Maggi company discovered the „wonder sauce,“ on 11th June 1886 in Frauenfeld in Switzerland. Malnutrition, stomach disorders and child deaths were widespread at the time and Julius Maggi, a businessman with a social conscience, felt called to improve working families diets with a better supply of nutrients. The result was the Maggi seasoning in a bottle that has not changed to this date, as a cheap replacement for meat extract. 122 years ago, the bottles were produced in the Spessart glass foundry in Lohr, just a stone’s throw from Wertheim. The foundry now belongs to the international Gerresheimer Group, „Gerresheimer Lohr GmbH,“ a glass manufacturer, which still produces the Maggi bottles today.


If Julius Maggi were still alive, he’d be delighted to know that 125 years later, 10.3 million kilos of his Maggi seasoning, is still being made for the German market today. And that what he once invented to replace meat extract fills 33.8 million Maggi bottles that end up in kitchens all over Germany.