Station: [32] L – Laboratory Glass: Solar-Collector Module

  • Glasmuseum Wertheim


The Wertheim company Lenz Laboratory Glass developed the solar collector module made of vacuum all-glass cylinders and donated it to the Glass Museum in 2007. This ultra-modern module is an effective tool for reducing daily energy requirements. The museum also has a solar tube that dates back to the early years of solar technology that was donated in 1978 by the Ludwig Schneider Company in Wertheim. Schneider had been contracted at the time by Luz Industries Israel to develop a machine that could measure the strength of the vacuum seal that joined glass and metal.


The Lenz laboratory glass company collector cylinder module uses solar energy to heat water for the bathroom and central heating system. The sun warms the collector, this transfers the warmth to a liquid in the cylinder system and this fluid that can reach temperatures of up to 90°C circulates between the collector and the storage tank. New – in contrast to the conventional metal/glass joints the Lenz company patented a glass-glass joint between the jacket cylinder and the absorber cylinder.


A few years ago the question was posed as to how the significance and function of this precedent-setting high-tech product in energy research could be mediated – to above all, children and teenagers. This developed into a project with the Wertheim/Lindelbach secondary modern school and the Ochsenfurt Play Construction Area that produced the „Energy mobile course “ with 28 interactive stations. The „Energieparcours mobil“ is available for loan and you can find out about it at the museum desk.