Station: [38] Scientific Glass Cabinet (Small Building)

  • Glasmuseum Wertheim


The scientific glass cabinet contains glass materials used by the first natural scientists as tools and shows you the development of glass into an industrial material. We start in the 16th century, which is regarded as the beginning of modern natural sciences and a period in history known as the Renaissance, which saw a return to antiquity. Human beings began look at how the world functioned – with the sun and not the earth as the central, pivotal point.


Galileo Galilei is an example of the scientists who emerged from anonymity and his revolutionary astronomic discoveries during the 17th century completely changed the world. His new scientific method of working also made him the founder of modern natural sciences. Galilei was the first to use glass as a scientific tool by building his telescope with two glass lenses that proved the heliocentric worldview with sun as the central point.


13 scientists here in the „Scientific Glass Cabinet,“ illustrate the development of modern sciences into the modern industrial age – a development that wouldn’t have been possible without glass.