Station: [49] Erwin Eisch: „The shoe“

  • Glasmuseum Wertheim


„The Shoe,“ is by one of Germany’s most world-famous glass artists: Erwin Eisch from Frauenau in the Bavarian Forest. Life and glass are inseparably connected to nature for the Eisch family and Erwin Eisch’s glass art is poetic, picturesque, three-dimensional and bizarre. With it he inspired the imagination of the glass artist and glass painter and guided the successful „Poesie in Glass,’ series to worldwide fame.


Eisch pre-empted the “provocative revolution,“ of 1968 in art - ,“ Painting is dead, art is politics,“ in 1964. And with the studio glass movement, together with the American glass artist Harvey Littleton, he guided glass craftsmanship away from Germany’s glass foundries and into the universities and art academies. His BUSENBIERKRUEGE beer pitchers, Picasso, Helmut Kohl- and Buddha-Busts are examples of this. The silver plated “shoe” from 1975 is a typical representation of pop art and one of the most prominent exhibits of international studio glass art in Wertheim Museum of Glass.