Station: [119] Epilogue - The Neolithic in Asia Minor-Anatolia

The idea of living in permanent houses, cultivating grain and breeding livestock is not a Central European invention! This way of living was established in the Levante in around 10.000 BC. In the „fertile crescent“, the area to the north of the Arabian peninsula, the people learnt how to cultivate wild grasses and tame the original breeds of livestock. 2.000 years later they made their way northwards and reached the area of today’s Saxony in 6000 BC.

Please come with us to the second floor of the museum. Once again, pleas take note of the sounds and floor profile on the staircase and have a look how achievements of what is known as the Neolithic Revolution in Saxony continued to develop. You’re welcome of course, to take a break in the museum cafe and we’ll look forward to seeing you again on the next floor, or in the Bow Front Exhibitions.