Station: [224] Hoard of Bronze Vessels

In Dresden-Dobritz, a set of 18 mixing and drinking vessels as well as strainers made of paper-thin tin-bronze was discovered. These beautifully executed vessels with their riveted strip handles had been placed in a large Lusatian Culture ceramic pot dating from between 1,200 and 1,000 BC. This is Germany’s largest Bronze Age metal vessel find. In fact, these purely metal sets of vessels are only found in Eastern Central Europe, with Saxony at its centre. 

Clearly, eating and drinking in company has always been enjoyed. However, these feasts were not simply for eating and merrymaking. As today, they were also occasions for drawing up contracts, deciding on courses of action, and forming alliances.  This required bringing out the best vessels.  The number and quality of these bronze cups Give us a hint of the size of the celebration and the status of its participants.