Station: [311] Excursion - Zwickau Councillors

In this excursion we’re going to hear from various experts in an investigation of almost criminal proportions. And you’ll find out how written and archaeological testimonies were examined and brought together to form a whole. 

In his chronicles in 1550, Peter Schuhmann wrote about the execution of 4 Zwickau councillors on July 10th 1407 in Meißen. In 1983 a gravestone was discovered in Meißen monastery, which was identified by art historians to be the grave of the four executed councillors. Archaeologists, historians, art historians and anthropologists began to re-examine the events of 1407.

How did they set about it? What did they discover? What results did they conclude, and what is the story of events, based on their investigations? 

The excursion answers all of these questions.