Station: [259] The Goods Testing System

One of the Schocken department stores’ special services was a goods-testing system in the affiliated test lab.

„If a customer notifies us of defect goods our goods testing laboratory examines them to see if there is a mistake in the production process, a material problem, or even mishandling by the purchaser.“

The customers could return faulty goods. Problems with the goods often only appeared during use, and were not detectable in the companys own test lab. If a customer returned the goods the manufacturer could be informed of the fault and prompted to correct it.

The goods-testing system was also based on economic interests, because with the help of the test results, the manufacturer’s price- quality ratio could be verified. Only the best-quality goods were subsequently contracted for production. If the test results were satisfactory the company advised the manufacturer to improve its goods.

The test laboratory consisted of two departments: the ingredients in food items were tested in the chemical department and the physics department was responsible for, above all, textiles and their ability to withstand everyday use. There was also an additional experimental garden.