Station: [009] High up

These ladders are for rescueing people from high above the ground.

When people in danger have to reach the ground safe, fire brigades have to reach up high.

Various types of ladders serve this purpose.

Early models were hand-operated, non-motorized wooden ladders, which had to be pushed. Then there are trailer ladders which are coupled to a towing vehicle.

The handling of the ladders is facilitated and accelerated by motorization: moving them into place and into an upright position as well as extending them needs a lot of power – hard work for men, but only a hum for a machine.

Turntable ladders, which are permanently mounted on a chassis, initially transmit their power via gear wheels and chains. These are then replaced by hydraulic machinery.

Sometimes people have to be rescued from high altitutes – quite a fright for some! The invention of the basket turns the ladder into an elevator. Speed, comfort and safety are gained.

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