Station: [6] Hearth and Dining Area

Farmer Caspar Heinrich: Lovely. Nothing like a good Pickert. That`s a potato pie for those of you who don’t` know. If it was up to me I would have it every day. Listen … I haven’t come yet to the best part. I was at my neighbour Breitensträter’s place yesterday. His house burnt down a while ago and you won’t believe what he has put up in its place. A house with a chimney! Blimey! The house is no longer filled with smoke but there is instead a terrible draught through the chimney!
Old farmer’s wife Katharina: Does that mean that smoke is unhealthy? I think draughts would kill you one sooner. This smoky aroma – now that is what makes a house feel really homely. I don’t think I would like to do without that.
Farmer Caspar Heinrich: No, you don’t need to either. That is why we will just keep everything as it is! Though, a chimney does have its advantages. There is no thick smoke hanging at the ceiling. The way it is here at our house. To be honest, sometimes it is a proper pall of smoke.
Old farmer’s wife Katharina: Which reminds me…I must add some wood and stoke the fire anew. … A chimney ... hrrmph ... these new-fangled things. So that means Breitensträter maybe won`t cook on an open fire anymore!
Farmer Caspar Heinrich: Yes, that`s true. And now he has an economical kitchen stove. He requires very little wood for that. And one can see the fire only when there is no pot on the stove.
Old farmer’s wife Katharina: How is he going to smoke his meat and sausages? Besides, the smoke keeps away vermin, and apart from that, it dries corn and hay as well. I don’t really understand Breitensträter. Open fires give so much warmth and they provide light. No, no as long as I have a say here, everything stays just as it is …
Bauer Caspar Heinrich: Yes, yes no changes at all.
Old farmer’s wife Katharina: A house like this needs a heart and here that`s the fire place. You can see everything from here. The animals, the people, the house – even the doors. No one can enter unnoticed ... Hmm ... who would like some more Pickert?

Foto: Bielefelder BauernhausMuseum