Station: [7] Covered Courtyard

Hey, psst! Erika!

Heinrich! What are you doing out here?

Well... taking a break. What do you think? Just taking a few deep breaths and having a good stretch. Five minutes, no more.

Frau Hauser is not going to like that.

Oh, come on, she can't see me – here among all the shelves and ice cream makers...

Of course I can see you, Heinrich. From up here on the balcony. I can see everything from here. And if you must neglect your own work, kindly don’t keep Erika from hers.

Told you so, Heinrich! I’d better carry on and fill up the bottles.

You might also want to check the vanilla ice cream in the fridge and make sure there’s enough left. And then the dishes need washing, they're already piling up in the sink in the hallway. I'll send Hildegard down to help you, she can dry them. And you, Heinrich ... back to work, if you please.

I'm going, I'm going ... Come on Erika, let me help you with those heavy bottles. And I don’t mind drying the dishes, too. Let me give you a hand, and we’ll soon have it done.

Excuse me…

Yes, sir?

How can we help?

I'm, uh... I'm looking for the toilet.

Here in the courtyard, just to your right. Take care; it’s all a bit cramped.

Thank you.

And we two, you and me, we'll go and do the dishes. Now – how do you feel about going to the pictures together? Sometime soon, perhaps…

But Heinrich...

What? The Wizard of Oz maybe? Judy Garland? What's wrong with that? We’re off to see the wizard…

Oh, Heinrich!



Foto: © Wagner Roland und Adelheid, Lahr