Station: [1] Welcome at Information Panels in Car Park

Glück zu! ...

... is the traditional German miller’s greeting – so welcome, and “Good Fortune” to you, too. Perhaps you’re just passing by, and only needed a little nudge to convince you to visit our mill and museum. Or maybe you came here on purpose. Let’s set the mood for your visit by giving you a brief introduction to the "Alte Mühle Donsbrüggen" – the Old Donsbrüggen Mill.

Its sails turn majestically in the wind. It sits on top of a mound, a stately presence looming over the flat landscape around Kleve-Donsbrüggen – our old Dutch smock mill! 

If you come in and visit, you’ll get to know our mill from top to toe – or cap to cellar. You can even climb up a narrow ladder to just under the cap. And see how the worm drive sets the cap in motion. We’ll tell you how an old mill like this one operates and how grain is milled into flour. Because even though this mill was built in 1824, it’s still in good working order. We mill spelt, rye and wheat into flour and, come Saturday, our bakery turns it into delicious wholemeal loaves.

By now, you’re probably wondering who we are!

We’re people who are passionate about mills, so we’re active in a society for the promotion of the mill and its museum. The German name is a bit of a mouthful: "Alte Mühle Donsbrüggen Mühlenmuseum". We founded the support group in 1982, leased the mill and gradually restored it. If you take a look in the display case, you’ll see some photographs of the renovation work. 

Want to find out more? Then come on in! You can tour the mill and visit our museum, where you’ll discover interesting facts about mills from all over the world. Not to mention the history of this particular mill!

We hope you enjoy your visit!

Photos: © Dagmar Trüpschuch und Förderkreis Alte Mühle Donsbrüggen