Station: [37] Leutkirche Interior

In 2019 and 2020, the interior of the Leutkirche was thoroughly refurbished and a new sandstone altar installed. The costs amounted to around 400,000 euros, a third of which was covered by individual donations. The small church was restored to its original medieval layout and colour scheme. The plain Gothic forms and a Baroque high altar come together to create the sense of being in hallowed space.

During the restoration, late medieval fresco paintings were uncovered. In the choir, the 12 apostles came to light beneath several layers of paint. From the inside of the choir arch, the five wise and five foolish virgins gaze down upon the congregation. 

The Leutkirche is still a place of Marian pilgrimage for the people of the Ortenau region. From May to September, pilgrimage services and church celebrations (such as weddings and anniversaries) are regularly held in the small chapel.