Station: [16] Historic Kitchen

M: Have you figured it out? Which of the appliances in our farmhouse kitchen makes that noise, do you reckon? Take a look around: from the butter churn through the juicer all the way to the old-fashioned iron – our museum kitchen is fully equipped! And you can easily imagine what life was like 150 years ago in a kitchen like this.

F: Almost all the appliances were owned by Dotzheim families who have donated their treasures to this museum. The brickwork base for the wash basin and the stove in this room were specially added for the opening of the museum.


… but that squeaky clatter-and-clunk? Hmm… you guessed it! It’s the wooden butter churn that makes the noise with its rotating paddles. A similarly handsome model made by Miele is here in the open area, right behind you. How many turns do you think it took before the cream turned into butter? Fortunately, we can now simply take butter off the chiller shelf in the dairy section of the supermarket!