Station: [11] Looking is Fun, Taking Part is Better!

Young visitors adore our museum. That’s because there are so many ways of becoming involved, both inside and out, so it’s never boring. And touching is definitely encouraged.

In our medieval toy town, any baker whose rolls aren’t big enough, will end up in jail. A young blacksmith can pound on the anvil or, as a merchant, you can open up his shop and spreads out the wares.

The farming couple use a pulley to move sacks up into the loft, and if you like, you can take a quick look in the byre and check on the cow and the pig.

The carpenter couple assemble joints on a timber frame and experiment to see what fits. Feel free to add shingles to a roof, or remove parts of the timber frame from the house and slot them back in. Even the process of filling the gaps in the wall of a house is brought to life here. And, and, and…!

But if you find it all way too exciting, then you’re welcome to retreat into the play house and have a good read.

All depictions: © Stadt- und Fachwerkmuseum Eppingen