Station: [7] Heinrich Luz Print Works

Heinrich Luz, who trained as a printer, founded the news sheet “Eppinger Zeitung” in 1899. This independent daily newspaper was based in his existing print works and served the town and the local administrative district.

Luz was editor, printer and publisher in one.

At first, he printed the newspaper using movable lead type on a lever press – the same kind of printing press as Johannes Gutenberg in the mid-15th century. 

In 1901, the print works and publishing house moved to Gerbergasse. At the same time, Luz switched to more up-to-date technology. The newspaper was now printed on a high-speed press that was powered by a motor and could print four pages at once. Ten years later, Luz took over the rival local newspaper, “Eppinger Volksbote”.

The “Eppinger Zeitung” appeared daily from 1899 to 1971, with just one gap from 1941 to 1949.

Its independent existence came to an end in 1972, when the publishing rights were sold to the Heilbronn-based regional newspaper “Heilbronner Stimme”.

All depictions: © Stadt- und Fachwerkmuseum Eppingen