Station: [004] Fire engine TSF

The Volkswagen Bus stands for the mobility of volunteer fire brigades in the post-war period from 1950 onwards.

The traditional manual pressure pumps as well as the more modern, larger motor pumps still had to be transported on trailers or had to be mounted on vehicles.

As soon as the portable pump had been developed, it became possible to transport such smaller models inside a vehicle together with the other equipment and the fire fighters.

After the Second World War, the Volkswagen Bus provided what was needed for such purposes.

At an affordable price it offered speed and sufficient space for a so-called “troop” of three firefighters - two men in front, one on a folding seat in the back of the large compartment for the equipment, where the pump was also stowed away. Hoses and fittings were placed in separate smaller compartments. Thus the Volkswagen was the perfect vehicle for small volunteer fire brigades.

Larger fire engines for groups of nine firemen were built, e.g., by Opel, Mercedes and Magirus in various designs. Such specimens can be seen here next to the Volkswagen Bus.

The larger fire trucks also carry a water tank for the first fast attack.

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