Station: [007] Water in your luggage

This tank truck stands for fire extinction with large equipment.

The large tank extinguishing vehicle called GTLF carries a tank which holds 6000 litres of water.

On the right and left hand side of the vehicle, jet pipes are directly connected to the pump and tank via high pressure hoses. On the roof there is a water cannon which is controlled by the fireman next to the driver. He can watch the scene from his cockpit.

An immediate attack can thus begin right after the fire has started using the water supply on board. Meanwhile, other firefighters can unroll a hose line to provide sufficient water for further fire fighting.

In the 1970s, these large vehicles were rarely used in cities but rather in industrial areas or in forests.

By the way: The Bochum fire brigade did not have a suitable garage for this huge car. The GTLF had to be parked under a carport, but this could only be done with a full water tank and its additional weight of 6 tons of water – otherwise the car would still have been too high.

Please follow the red line to the factory fire brigade!