Station: [011] Museum work

These three vehicles of the Ford Motor Company show the process and the results of our work here at “FEUERWEHRK” – our attempt to preserve historical vehicles.

The engines show three different states of preservation we can be confronted with when acquiring a vehicle:

On the left: The engine is unrestored and partially dismantled, the parts are stowed away in the vehicle. The former user gave up restoration when he was forced to leave the garage where he had started work on it.

In the middle: This engine was found in a scrap yard and was just saved from the scrap press. The vehicle was parked unsheltered for a long time, its condition is lamentable. We really wondered for a long time whether it would be worth while trying to integrate it into our exhibition – but here it is.

On the right: An enthusiast bought this one from a fire-brigade at a scrap price when it was taken out of service. He restored and painted it and applied false door stickers, preparing it as a camping van. The equipment compartments are empty and served as beds on holiday trips. The professional fire-brigade technology has, however, preserved.

As the engine guzzles 25 litres per 100 kilometres, using the car for vacations turned out to be rather expensive – so its last trip ended here.


How can we deal with such specimens?

Full restoration cannot be our target – we lack the means. Our idea rather is to display the cars as well as their history.

Pleasure, we hope, may be found in the sheer beauty of the vehicles – in this case, e.g., in the sweeping shapes of the 1950s which remind us of the American cruisers – pleasure also in the vehicles, personal history and, of course, in the remains of their original functions, representing certain iras and certain missions.

Beyond all this, maintenance of our exhibits is paramount – and it costs time and money.

So – if you should be interested in helping us in any way – we would be glad to talk to you.

You can always meet us in our Cafeteria at the entrance.

Thank you very much for your visit and your patience! We hope to see you soon again.