Station: [1] Welcome

Farmer Caspar Heinrich: Welcome to the Bielefeld Farmhouse Museum. And yet, is this a museum at all? You are, in a way, standing in what is our home. Who are we? Well, we are the Möllering family. We once inhabited this farmhouse. You have to let yourself go on a time travel, in a manner of speaking, to get to know us. Let us go back to mid-19th C. A time when Westphalia still a province, belonged to the Prussian Kingdom. A time when industrialisation was gradually starting to change people`s lives.
Now, around 1850 three generations of our family were living in this farmhouse. What was our life like? What were our fears and concerns? How did people live at all in these times? Without electricity and running water, without heating or high-power tractors. We,, we are about to show you how. I, farmer Caspar Heinrich, my mother-in-law Katharina, who is the old farmer’s wife at this farmhouse and my daughter Marie.
You will see, everything has its designated place at this homestead. Each one knows his tasks, his duties, what he is supposed to do. We farm together at this place and are almost self-sufficient. There is a goal that we work towards, each and every one of us: we want to maintain this farmhouse and pass it on to the next generation.